When departing on a trip you must:
Be sure you locked all the doors before leaving home.
Give a key to a neighbour.
Avoid communicating anywhere and anybody that you will be absent from your home for a long time. Do not share your plans. Some burglars specialize in reading other people’s holidays notifications.

A house that is inhabited is a deterrent to burglars. Never leave any signs that can tell a burglar that you are missing from your home. Verify that all windows and doors are secured before leaving.
An empty garage indicates your absence.
Connect a light with a timer or even better some lights with different timers so that during the night, it gives the impression that someone is inside the house.
Leave a radio on, tuned to a radio station.

If you are subscribers to newspapers or magazines, stop the delivery the newspaper or magazine and all the other deliveries you have before you leave. Notify your neighbors to be interested in anything that comes to their notice and inform the police.

Notify someone take care of the exterior of the home, such as removing advertisements and other scraps and picking up your mail so that your absence is not apparent. On the other hand, various scatter games will create the impression that you are not absent.

Be a neighbor who is interested in your neighbors’ homes when they are absent. Thus, they will also be interested in your home when you are absent.