If you live in a detached house:
Never open your entrance door without knowing your visitor ..
If your visitor is a stranger, ask for his / her identity or an official document under the door. If he hasn’t, do not open.

It is good to have an eye or a camera in the entrance door so that you can check your visitor’s identity without unlocking your door.

All the entrance doors of your house must have security locks.

When you are away from your house in the evening, always leave a light on the inside of the house.

Do not leave door keys hidden away from home, under a carpet, under flower pots, in a mailbox, near the door or other obvious places.

A simple lock on a railing door is not enough to stop the burglars. Use a padlock. Never let a padlock unlocked, because an aspiring burglar can take the padlock, build an passkey and return it to its place. Later, the burglar may come when you are absent and open with the passkey.

If you live in an apartment:
If you live in a block of flats with a doorphone or video door entry system installed, make sure the system is working.

Never open the entrance door unless you know the visitor.

Do not ever open the entrance door to someone who comes to see another lodger or deliver something to another apartment.

If someone asks to enter the building to do some work in another apartment or in public areas, you must inform the tenant or the the administrator of the building, before opening the entrance door.
If you see someone in the block of flats you live in, with suspicious behavior, call the police.
When you are absent for a long time you need to tell a neighbor to collect your brochures and correspondence, as the filled mailboxes state that no one is at home.


  1. Lock before you leave
  2. Leave a key to a trusted neighbor
  3. To be interested in your neighbors too