Centre imager Service

The Service monitoring station and video works 24 hours a day throughout the year in order to receive digital signals from emergency safety system is installed at the subscriber , via telephone line or via broadband. The incoming signals are processed and utilized by trained personnel of the central station , which has specialized in high security computer system with advanced technology. The obligations of the Central Station Alarm Receiving versus subscribers resulting from the following :


The service is timed to take command activation of arming the alarm system . Depending on the desires and the command received, the service can be provided at the agreed time . The service for the certification of violations of private property area client with remote eye contact with him. The service is ordered by the subscriber .

The initiative Association and image transmission owned locally installed security system and obtained after a significant change in the visual field of the cameraman , according to the orders of the subscriber . The remote connection is made using the available telecommunications networks .

By downloading the image signal from the security system at the subscriber , operator making center observes events and notes according to their ability and within the field of installed cameraman , the severity of the incident . If the operator finds that the incidents , damaging or potentially harm the legitimate interests of the subscriber , and carries out the actions prosymfonithentes . Planned action is to update the direct action and informing the subscriber for the observed events .

The operator keeps notes in the program that is stored electronically in the center image capture along with the obtained by cameramen event. The operator has the ability to view events many times on the screen in order to determine the criticality of . The operator intervention is required to complete the service . The storage of recorded events is consistent with the relevant provisions .

New Information Service for Subscribers by SMS

The new integrated ERP system ‘s ARC system ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) is modernizing the way it works , providing new automated services with absolute professionalism and consistency.

One of the new benefits , is alerting subscribers via sms to any mobile phone they choose and whatever signals they wish , 24 hours a day . In addition they can be notified immediately, in the same way , for violations operating hours logins on non-working hours , delayed arming the security system or any other default action requested by each subscriber .

With 22 years experience we are able to adapt to best match your needs to design your own program for the security of your space.

Support VOIP lines

The ARC can receive signals from central units installed security systems of subscribers via VOIP phone .

Phone calls via the internet , known as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP- voice calls over IP Internet), is the most recent implementation of telecommunications .

Through the device Sirion (IP Communication Module) of Paradox Hellas, we are able to easily connect ( to exit TIP / RING) in the alarm center is plug and play ( standard programming is integrated , all HTML pages stored on the device . Compatible with all the centers of all companies regardless of the type . works with GSM backup systems .

The Sirion is updatable installation to support both methods of communication without the need to replace existing equipment and supports communication protocols with K.L.S signals CONTACT ID and ADEMCO ESPRESS.

Application of GPRS wireless technology by K.L.S Downloadable alarms via mobile phone .

The Central Station looking and constantly incorporating new advanced technologies of the new generation
used the GPRS technology to receive contact-ID safety signals from protected properties
there is no landlines or that need uninterrupted wireless communication

The GPRS (General Packet Radioservice) allows us to use the sim card mobile phone for uninterrupted Internet connection with fast speeds without time charges , but simply by a fixed fee per month .

The advantages of GPRS connection compared with fixed telephony for the end user
as regards the link with the central station receiving signals are:

The speed , which expedites the direct reception of the signal from the central station via instant connections .
The seamless wireless connection ( 10-min ) .
Avoiding potential sabotage policyholder space if someone ” cut ” the wired telephone line and therefore communication with the center.
The ability to connect to the central station insured mobile sites such as ships and yachts.
Avoiding time charges depending on the duration of the connection and the use of alternative fixed charge .

All that is required to connect the central unit of the security system of the subscriber to the central station receiving signals , is a connection to a mobile network that provides GPRS service and a device that supports it.