Specialized services

Ask us for Certified Products that will be tailored to you, according to the requirements of your project.
In many projects to complete a solution, besides the products and the usual services, specialized services are also required.

VISION MAVRIDAKIS, with its long experience, know-how and constant updating of its human resources, provides its clients with the necessary specialized services on a case-by-case basis. Our technicians, in addition to the features mentioned above, are equipped with modern and specialized equipment so that they can offer quality and reliable services or produce customized products.
Our goal is to find a technology solution for every customer according to their needs.


ATM / POS support

VISION MAVRIDAKIS supports special applications of large organizations, banks, public services (ATM, POs, priority systems, etc.).


Optical fiber works

VISION MAVRIDAKIS has been supplying a new generation of Japanese Fujikura Splicers, FSM-60S with core alignment technology and welding precision <0.02db, and network certification tools. It has the ability and know-how to offer reliable, completely specialized services such as fiber optic welding and termination and certification of structured cabling and fiber optic networks by qualified personnel with proprietary and certified instruments.

Πιστοποίηση Δικτύων & Πιστοποίηση Δομημένης Καλωδίωσης

Network certifications

Employee efficiency in a company or organization is directly related to the good functioning of the computers that they work.

Because all the computers and machines currently in use are networked, the good status of the networks is very important.
Computer and telecommunication networks are the basis of all businesses and organizations, because through them they communicate within and outside the company or organization, coordinate workers and exchange data.
Networks depend on the speed at which computers respond and the reliability of a system.
The network consists of active materials such as switches, routers, etc., but also from passive materials such as patch panels, cables and terminals. All of these, of course,are required to be connected to each other to work together. Termination of materials and their interconnection is also very important for the proper operation of a network.
About half of all problems presented in a computer network are due to its passive segment. Wiring and terminal sockets are the most vulnerable parts due to their exposure to the environment and their use. Also, poor ending is a common occurrence and cause of problems.
Because most problems in a network are causes of their construction, certification may be the way to avoid problems from the start.
It is important to know that certification is a more cost-effective solution than repairing and it is necessary because the right infrastructure supports the trouble-free future operation.

With certification, we are able to identify any network problems and solve them, avoiding lost time and money in the future.
Certification is done by experienced and trained technicians and specialized testing equipment.

The following measurements and checks are made during certification:

  • Physical network continuity
  • Resistor network branches
  • Cable length
  • Impedance cable
  • Capacity of cables
  • Cable capacity level
  • Level of electrical pests
  • Signal loss level
  • Congressional level
  • Signal-to-noise ratio

Special Structures

We own research, development and manufacturing or assembling technology products that are not readily available on the market or are not mass-produced by the industry or require special functions. This service is offered at the request of a customer who has a specific need.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The customer communicates with VISION MAVRIDAKIS with a specific request or a description of his need.
  2. Engineer discusses with us for clarification
  3. A market survey is being conducted to determine whether or not there is a ready-made product suitable for the solution
  4. Study and costing is made to produce a special construction
  5. Contact with the client and suggestion
  6. Agreement
  7. Construction
  8. Product Certification
  9. Application

Customized προϊόντα

This service is mainly targeted at hospitality facilities such as hotels, rooms to let, villas, restaurants, cafes, etc. It is also targeted at companies wishing to advertise in the aforementioned venues or anywhere else to gather together and use some electronic devices.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The customer communicates with VISION MAVRIDAKIS with a specific request or a description of his need.
    Our engineer discusses with him for clarification
  2. The products are presented
  3. Delivery of a company logo, hotel or product to be printed.
  4. Study and costing for production
  5. Contact with the client and suggestion
  6. Agreement
  7. Making a maquet to be approved by the customer
  8. Construction
  9. Product Certification
  10. Application

Device maintenance

We also have an organized part of repair and maintenance of machines, with full equipment and stock of spare parts, for the immediate repair of each appliance we have supplied.





Do not hesitate to contact us for any need in your applications, our engineers will serve you directly and responsibly.