Our home is the refuge of what we have most precious. Our family and us.

When we are at home we want to see the visitor. If we know him we want to be able to welcome him with a dialogue and of course to open the door and turn the input lights on with one move.

We also want to be alerted even when we are asleep, if someone tries to violate outdoors or a door or a window with a malicious purpose.
At the same time, we want to discourage the malicious aspiring intruder, so that he can be removed before it causes damage to valuable objects, loved ones or to ourselves.

We want to be notified if there is a leak of water, liquid gas, a presence of carbon monoxide or we have forgotten the kitchen eye open.

We also want our electrical appliances to be protected from storms and the overvoltages they create in the environment.

When we are absent from our home, we want to be informed about the above, with absolute precision for the event and everything to be recorded so that we can have a complete view of everything that happened during our absence in the interior and outdoors of our home. We also want to create lighting and sound scenarios, so it looks like there is life and movement in the house.

All the mechanisms that contribute to the above functions must be tireless and reliable 24 hours a day without interruption and offer peace to our family.

Our home we want to provide us with amenities such as:
When we come, the house to perceives and welcomes us by turning on the lights at the points we will pass such as corridors, garages, entrances etc. or by opening of the rolls.
When we leave from the house we want the lights and the shutters to turn off and the heating to go into economy mode, automatically or at the touch of a button.

In one go, to turn on, turn off or change the intensity of lighting according to our activities. The lights to turn on when we enter a room and turn off when we exit automatically. So, besides comfort, we achieve the maximum economy.

Automatically or in one go to open or close the window shutters of the whole house or one room only.

The heating to automatically turn on before we return home so we can find it warm, to operate according to our needs during our stay and when we are absent to turn in economy mode.

When we wake up in the morning and when we return home after work to find hot water in the bathroom.

Awnings can be closed and opened automatically depending on weather conditions.

We want to be able to listen to the music of our choice in every room or home, without affecting the music that another member of our family listens to in another room.

To have internet, telephone and TV in every area of our choice, without requiring a technician whenever we need to transport a device.

When we want to watch a movie on the Home Cinema, the shutters to turn off and the lighting to adjust to the desired level with just one move from our sofa, and when the movie ends, the lights and shutters to open automatically.

We want to control all the above from our mobile phone, from anywhere in the world, if we are.

All of the above we want to operate without being specialized technicians or having specialized knowledge or requiring the memorization of complex and multi-page instructions for use.

We want to be able to control the children’s bedroom where our children sleep from every room or courtyard of our home so that we can react to every need.

We want to be able to have a dialogue with our loved ones in other places or with a visitor outside the house from the balcony of our house and open the door without moving from our position.

We want to hear music in every room of our home, even in the bathroom, having the option of different choice in each room.

We want to choose the location of the phone, internet and television by ourselves, and easily change it when we want it. And all of them work together at the same place.

We want to inform the doctor if an elderly family member needs medical help.

All house functions to be controlled from anywhere in the world via our mobile or via the internet.

We want to install all of these capabilities at the lowest possible cost and to gain as much benefit as possible from their use.

We want the devices to be elegant and all the cables to end up at one point in the house

We want to be able to add functions or points in the future and grow the system because the use of some space can change or we can add new spaces to our home.

Finally, we want to be able use devices from the different companies, because another company can build a smarter, sleeker or more cost-effective device. So the system should be compatible with as many devices as possible on the market.